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Robert Jencks Testimonial

Thank you for selling our #14 Coconut Grove home in less than 90 days, you are incredible!
For those looking for the Best of the Best real-estate team, I recommend you speak with Tyler.

I have been in the high end CAD CAM manufacturing software business for 46 years and working with Tyler and his team has been one of the most impressive business transactions I’ve ever been involved in.

The team work was amazing to watch and I cannot say enough about your selling real-estate the same way a successful business is run.

I hope this recommendation helps others because your team proved so many other agents wrong on so many topics.

The list of complimentary remarks is too long to list, but I will mention two that shows how far your team goes to get the job done.

#14 Coconut Grove Location and View

  • Our #14 property was second to none in both categories, yet the view was compromised because of the 50 ft. tall Monkey Pod tree on the beach had not been trimmed by Kapalua’s landscape crew for three years.
  • You had all the lower bushy limbs trimmed within 48 hours restoring the view as it had been for 20 years.
  • Community hedge, for 20 years #14 had the full view of the beach from one end to the other until COVID hit and our community landscaper let the hedge grow two feet higher. As with the tree limbs, you spoke to the HOA association’s landscaper and the hedge was restored to it’s proper height.

Good luck. Can’t thank you enough for all that you did!

Bob Jencks